A close up of two ducks that appear to be talking together.  The image is gray

The Bird Photographer of the Year has been revealed

The winners of the Bird Photographer of the Year award have been announced, with photos by two Australians among the top photos.

The international competition is called “a celebration of the beauty and diversity of birds”, inviting photographers of all ages from hobbyists to pros to submit their most amazing photos of birds in several categories.

Jason Moore won gold in the black and white category by bagging two ducks in Perth.

A close up of two ducks that appear to be talking together.  The image is gray

“The little musk duck seems disturbed by the drop of water that falls from the mother’s mouth. Yes, it is really interested in the piece of food that she has in her bill. with their beautiful expressions and interesting displays.”(© Jason Moore/Bird Photographer of the Year)

Cheng Kang picked up a bronze medal for taking an Australasian darter on a misty winter morning in Victoria.

Black and white misty landscape with Australasian Darter perched, sunsets

“On a winter’s morning, the mist surrounded the perched birds and dead trees like tents. It was a moving sight that filled me with calm and peace. Converting the image to black and white after processing further emphasized the sense of calm and peace. “(© Cheng Kang/Bird Photographer of the Year)

The winners were announced on the Bird Photographer of the Year website earlier this week.

The competition started in 2016 and attracts entries from all over the world.

Around 250 of the best images have been selected and printed in the coffee table book, now in its eighth edition.

The competition is accepting entries for the 2024 competition, which closes on December 10.

Here are the winners of the other categories, we note that we have left out the winner of the Conservation category, who showed a picture of a dead pigeon.

Bird behavior – and the overall winner:

A Peregrine Falcon stalks a Brown Pelican against a rocky backdrop

“During the breeding season, the female peregrine falcon fiercely defends her young, attacking anything that approaches the nest. For four years, I tried to capture these rare moments of her attacking the great brown pelicans with amazing speed and agility. High speed. The chase made it difficult to capture a close-up image with a lens tall. The falcon’s accuracy was amazing as it struck the pelican’s head.”(©Jack Zhi/Bird Photographer of the Year)

Birds around us:

The branbling lives in the spent sunflower smoke

“The flood caused the sunflower field to be unharvested, and thousands of birds, including iigreenfinches (Chloris chloris), iigoldfinches (Carduelis carduelis) andbramblings, flocked to it in winter. their colors blend in with their surroundings, making it difficult to spot predators. Using a wide lens covered in snow and dried sunflowers, I photographed a flock of bramblings from their perspective, one perched in front of my camera.”(© Mateusz Piesiak/Bird Photographer of the Year)

Funny bird photo:

A purple rhino swallows a large fish

“The purple heron is a migratory bird that lives in the lake nests of the Italian Peninsula and feeds mainly on fish, although it also attacks mice, snakes, toads and other creatures. Carassius carassius) and quickly swallowed it after several attempts to turn the fish on its side.”(©Antonio Aguti/Bird Photographer of the Year)

Urban birds:

An owl sits on top of a praying angel, head bowed as if in prayer

“During winter migration, owls from northern Finland tend to head south where they can find more food due to less snow. This great gray owl chose a burial ground with many owls as its hunting ground. While hunting, the owl used to stand on the tombstones. or other structures to monitor the area. Keeping a safe distance, I followed the owl and was able to catch it for a moment when it came briefly to the beautiful angel figure.(©Arto Leppänen/Bird Photographer of the Year)

Birds in flight:

Close-up of a mouse on a yellow background

“The cypress, common in the Andean forests, has the longest leaf in the world compared to its size. The special case of this bird, which is suitable for eating flowers with long corollas, makes it an important contributor to the distribution of pollen, as bees and butterflies cannot do so. access to the sap and therefore do not leak these plants. This image captures a bird approaching a feeder, with a natural background and light.”(©Rafael Armada/Bird Photographer of the Year)

Perfect picture:

A bright green tanager sits on the tip of a leaf

“When I entered the dense forest, I was excited to see a rare green fish. After hours of waiting, I saw this green bird on a suitable heart-shaped leaf. Its shiny feathers showed a series of bright colors. You took in all the details, I am grateful for this magical moment in the middle of the dense forest behind.”(© Nicolas Reusens/Bird Photographer of the Year)

Ages 15 to 17:

A night sky with a black bird symbolized by a full moon

“The blackbird sings in the dead of night. The blue wind and the red moon. Waking up before sunrise allows you to experience the magical awakening of animals. The blackbird is one of the first animals to wake up.”(©Anton Trexler /Bird Photographer of the Year)

Ages 12 to 14:

Close up of the face of two terns.

“In the small inlet of Örnsköldsvik, there are terns everywhere during the summer. So, one afternoon on an overcast day, I went down to the water with the intention of photographing the terns in flight. Instead, I ended up photographing the Arctic and using the whiteness of their bodies, the changing weather and the bright reflections on the water, I caught the main picture of two terns.”(© Harry Sedin/Bird Photographer of the Year)

Age 11 and under:

Blue Verditer Flycatcher Eumyias thalassinus perched on a branch

“Pelling is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. I saw a lot of birds when I visited this area. I caught this colorful bird in the garden near our hotel. The deep blue color makes this bird very beautiful.”(© Arko Saha/Bird Photographer of the Year)

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