Starfield: How to Farm Iron

Starfield: How to Farm Iron

Steel is an important part while building Starfield. Players will use this material every time they build an Outpost or repair a ship at the Technician. Fortunately, Iron is also a common material found almost everywhere in the galaxy.

There are many ways to do this collect and farm A bell in a Starfield and all can be done early in the game. Some methods will help players in the long run, so it’s better to start with them instead of relying on the short term.

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How to Farm Iron in the Starfield

bell in luna in starfield

There are four known methods of iron cultivation Starfield; destroy Asteroids, visit Iron rich Planets, build Extractor, and buy Iron from vendors.

Destroying Asteroids

Asteroids drop metal into interstellar space

The most popular way to farm Iron is to visit Strange Planets in Systems to destroy the Asteroids around the Planet. Most of these galactic rocks contain Iron along with other elements Starfield and obviously the bigger the rock, the more iron falls. One of these spots A difficult pointi The month of Navaho within the Cheyenne System.

asteroids drop water into interstellar space

As mentioned earlier, not all galactic rocks will drop Iron as some Mineral Deposits leak Water and Carboxylic Acids. Players can encounter these rocks near the Iron-Rich Planet. For example, i Danra’s moon, The platformwithin the The Narion System it is a Planet that provides Iron, but the Asteroids around it are full of Water.

Visiting Iron-Rich Planets

Callisto contains iron in the interstellar core

Using the trust Cutter and great mobility skills, Protagonists can collect a decent amount of Iron from farming Iron Rich Planets. Knowing that the Planet contains the required resources Starfield, Scan it and its constituents will be identified by their Chemical Symbols. The chemical symbol for Iron is Feso any Planet containing this symbol will have Iron.

use cutter to make steel farm in starfield

Keep in mind that some Planets have more Iron than others and players can see how much Fe each contains thanks to the color coded tool. Here is a list of Iron-containing Planets:

The process

A planet


  • Luna (Earth’s Moon)
  • Callisto (Jupiter’s Moon)
  • Io (Jupiter’s Moon)


  • Lila (Moon of Anselon)
  • Andraphon (Sumati Moon)
  • Podius (Danra’s Moon)


  • Burr
  • Codos (Moon of Akila)
  • Belwah (Navaha Moon)
  • Hard Place (Navaha Moon)
  • Cragg (Fenn’s Moon)

Luna and Callisto it’s a great choice because Iron can be found literally everywhere while exploring these Moons.

how to extract metal from a starfield

Before building the Extractor on the Starfield, it is important to choose a Planet rich in Iron. So, go to one of the previously mentioned Planets and open a scanner while exploring. When players approach an area filled with Iron, it will appear in a different color on the scanner.

the extractor uses energy in the star field

In this Iron-rich area, build i An outdoor area then put the It attracts us. Because it is impossible to extract Iron without power, make sure to place one of the Power Sources available as Solar Array, Wind Turbine, or Generator Fueled.

Buying metal from dealers

a merchant who sells weapons in star space

There are many vendors scattered around that sell Iron Systems, and the first few come together internally. The new Atlantis in a Starfield. Other Iron vendors may also be available Neon, Akila Cityand in Cydonia. In addition, there are merchant ships found randomly in certain Systems that sell many types of items including Iron.

A great way to farm Iron with little effort find a merchant and buy all the Iron, then keep visiting the shop periodically to buy more. This way, players can have an unlimited amount of any resource.

Starfield is available now for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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