A grizzly bear is released after killing a woman and breaking into a home

A grizzly bear is released after killing a woman and breaking into a home

  • A female grizzly broke through a window with her male cub in tow for a container of dog food – all while the owners were home.
  • Officials from Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks said they shot the bear ‘due to an immediate public safety threat to the bear’s eating behavior’
  • The offending bear was also found to be responsible for killing hiker Amie Adamson on July 22 and attacking a person in Idaho in 2020.

The female bear that killed a woman two months ago was killed Saturday after breaking into a Montana home with her cub to steal dog food.

A hungry grizzly entered through a home’s kitchen window while the homeowners were present before officers fatally shot him, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks said.

The bear was genetically analyzed and found to be the same one that killed Amie Adamson, 47, of Derby, Kansas on July 22. The curious hiker was found dead on the Buttermilk Trail west of Yellowstone National Park after an early morning hike. run just before 8am.

It was also found that one bear was responsible Injuring someone near Henrys Lake State Park Idaho in 2020.

Officials said they had to shoot him ‘due to the immediate public safety threat from the bear’s foraging behavior,’ FWP said.

The 46-pound male cub was by his mother’s side when she was shot and taken to the agency’s wildlife rehabilitation center. The baby bear is expected to be moved to a zoo.

Amie Adamson, 47, of Derby, Kansas was found dead on a trail in Yellowstone National Park in July after being mauled by a bear.
The mother bear has been confirmed to be the same bear that attacked a woman two months ago in Yellowstone National Park
A Yellowstone resident’s home was broken into by the bear that killed hiker Amie Adamson two months ago.

According to the release: ‘Several attempts to capture and remove the bear were made after the fatal attack in July due to the proximity of the incident to residents, campers, and high road users of OHV (off-highway vehicle). These efforts were unsuccessful.’

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks said the same female grizzly was captured in 2017 for research purposes, and that her attacks in 2020 and in July this year were determined to be ‘defensive responses’.

After Adamson’s death in July, his mother, Janet Adamson told Good Morning America: ‘Every morning, he would get up early, and he would walk, climb or run.

‘Running through the beauty of Yellowstone – he was already in heaven. He died doing what he loved.’

Montana itself is often referred to as ‘bear country’ as many of its national forests are home to the large and powerful creature.

Yellowstone National Park is home to black bears and black bears. Grizzlies are small brown bears that lived in the American West.

Map of where Amie Adamson was fatally attacked by a female grizzly on July 22, 2023 on the Buttermilk Trail near Yellowstone National Park.
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks post about Amie Adamson’s fatal mauling in July
Adamson (seen right), a hiker who was visiting Yellowstone National Park when he was killed in July.

The National Park Service said: ‘Visitors should be aware that all bears can be dangerous. Park regulations require people to stay at least 100 yards from bears.’

According to Fox News: ‘Grizzlies are protected by US law except for Alaska. Elected officials in the Yellowstone region are pushing to allow grizzly hunting, and in February the Biden administration took the first step in ending federal protections for the animals.’

Grizzly bears are rarely known to be aggressive towards humans, but are still protected as an ‘endangered’ species in 48 US states.

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